If you are one of those entrepreneurs looking for partners for a business project, but are not sure where you can find them, in  Jobs para los Emprendedores we give you the solution. On our website, the goal is to connect investors with entrepreneurs who have a viable project and are in need of capital.

We have a local, national and international network so that businesses have no borders. The aim is to promote the economy by uniting different people seeking a common goal. Each of them must contribute to the project what they know best.

Looking for businesses to invest in

If you are one of those people who needs to get involved in a project and you keep repeating the phrase - ¨ I am lookingfor a business to invest in¨- on our website a wide variety of options will be at your disposal. You can choose the one you consider more profitable or more attractive.

Looking for a business partner

If on the other hand what you are thinking is - ¨I am looking for partner for my business project¨- we are also your best solution. An idea does not have to fade away simply because you cannot find the right people.

Our goal is not simply to connect investors with entrepreneurs who need capital. We also connect different entrepreneurs with one another (willing to collaborate and do their part) or with skilled personnel necessaryin order to make a business idea become a reality. Undoubtedly the simplestway to kick starta project.


Find out how we can help you connect with others in order to start your project. visit our website

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